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0.2mm PE Foam Tape


The 0.2mm Thickness PE foam tape is a kind of pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive tape with high tack. It adopts high density polyethylene foam which is commonly known as closed cell foam as the backing material. The product offers strong and fast adhesion to irregular or uneven surfaces. We can also offer custom-made products upon request.

The product is thin, and offers high holding strength, good peeling strength, and strong initial adhesion. Also, it is easy for cutting, slitting, and jointing, and offers beautiful adhesion surface.

The 0.2mm PE foam tape can be utilized to fix and assemble some wares and parts, and is also commonly used in automobile, air conditioning, refrigerator, and household fields.

Technical Specifications
PE Foam Density250KG
Holding Strength1960G/25MM
Initial Adhesion21#
Peel Strength80G/50MM
Heat Resistance120℃


Available Types
Silt goodsThicknessWidthLength
0.2mm 3mm-1000mm5m-100m
Log roll0.2mm 1000mm 300m
Color of foamBlack, Grey, White
LinerWhite paper, Yellow paper
Other requests please contact us.

Application Instructions
1. Prior to taping, first ensure that the application surface is free of contaminants such as oil, dirt, dust, and moisture. If necessary, proceed and wipe down the surface with organic solvent.
2. Define the taping area and initiate with the adhesive side of the tape. Press down firmly. Do not peel off the backing material during this process, failure to do so can result in tape deformation.
3. Once the tape has been secured, the backing material can be removed to expose the other adhesive side. You may now plaster on desired items as is appropriate.

The product is recommended to be stored in dry places, and should be kept away from heat source, direct sunlight, and rainwater.

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