0.8mm Acrylic Adhesive Foam Tape

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0.8mm Acrylic Adhesive Foam Tape


0.8mm Thickness PE foam tape is with High-tack, pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive. Selecting high density closed cell PE foam. The products offer great conformability and adhesion to irregular or uneven surfaces. It also offers immediate quick stick. Customers' requests are available.

1. water proof.
2. excellent Holding Strength; peel strength and initial adhesion.
3. anti shock, sound proof, heat and humidity resistance.
4. superior stick capabilities to different surfaces such as: metal; plastic; paper; wooden and silicon.
5. it is easy to cut; slit and Joint. Pretty look.

1. assemble and fix the ware, spare in car, air-condition, refrigerator, house hold application.

Technical Specifications
PE Foam Density125KG
Holding Strength1960G/25MM
Initial Adhesion21#
Peel Strength80G/50MM
Heat Resistance120℃


Available Types
Slit goodsThicknessWidthLength
0.8mm 3mm-1000mm5m-50m
Log roll0.8mm 1000mm 300m
Color of foamBlack, Grey, White
LinerWhite paper, Yellow paper
Other requests please contact us.

Apply directions
1. all surfaces to be attached must be free of dust, dirt, oil, and moisture. (Apply organic solvent to clean surface if necessary.)
2. started from one side of the surface, press the adhesive side of tape firmly in place(leave backing paper on to prevent stretching).
3. remove backing paper.

1. keep dry.
2. away from heat; shining and rain.

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