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Curtain Wall Foam Tape


The curtain wall foam tape is coated acrylic adhesive used to bond ACP (Aluminium composite panel). It is widely used in general purpose applications to bond and mount. It has a good temperature resistance and good viscoelastic properties. The curtain wall foam tape is half closed cell foam with superior stick capabilities for metal, plastic, paper, wood and silicon.

At HITCH (SHANGHAI), we work with you to determine what configuration as well as which pressure-sensitive adhesive is best for your application, each of our curtain wall foam tape has specific performance characteristics; welcome you to contact us for more details.

Specifications of Curtain Wall Foam Tape
PE Foam Density 60-100 Kg
Elongation 110%
Holding Power 1960g/25mm
Initial Tack 21#
Peel Adhesion 80g/50mm
Heat Resistance 120℃

Structure of Curtain Wall Foam Tape

Availability of Curtain Wall Foam Tape
Slit goods Thickness Width Length
1-5mm 3mm -1000mm 5m -50m
Log roll 1-5mm 1000mm 300m
Colour of foam Black, white, grey
Liner White paper, Yellow paper
Other requests please contact us.

We are a curtain wall foam tape manufacturer based in China. We offer a comprehensive line of products, including double sided foam tape, single sided foam tape, cloth tape, acrylic tape and more.

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