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Aluminum Coated Butyl Tape

The TBA-8 aluminum coated butyl tape is made of high-quality soft butyl rubber coated with aluminum film. It is used as adhesive sealants in many places such as window, door, pip, roof and marine. The tape is also used in the connection of corrugated roofing, automobiles parts, steel boards, polycarbonate board, and pipes for waterproofing purpose. It can be easily torn down and provides pretty appearance.

1. The aluminum coated butyl tape enjoys high elasticity.
2. It is designed with flexible adjustment.
3. With excellent adhesion, airtight and waterproof properties, the tape performs well and generates no residue.
4. Low-temperature tolerance enables it suitable in most weather conditions.
5. It works well at moisture conditions.
6. Outstanding durability keeps it working for up to 20 years.
7. UV Resistance enhances the durability of our tape.
8. Tapes with different width and Thickness are available for various construction needs.


Dimension Available
Slit goods Thickness Width Length
0.5-80mm 0.8mm-1500mm 3.5m-50m
Log roll 0.5-80mm 0.8mm-1500mm 100m
Liner White paper, Yellow paper
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